Domain Services

While most businesses and individuals know how to visit their favorite website and purchase a new domain name, many are actually unaware at the fact they can probably spend a little bit more and acquire something shorter, easier to remember, and more brandable instead. To go along with that, most people don’t fully understand how the domain market works or that domain names they currently own could be worth allot of money. These types of scenarios are our specialty and every year we help dozens of new clients buy and sell internet real estate. Look over some of our affordable domain services below and see how they can help your company acquire, sell, or appraise almost any domain that you currently own or desire to own in the future!

Domain Backorder Services – When domain names aren’t renewed they travel through a specific cycle before “dropping” and becoming available for new registration. Clients that do not have the time or tools needed for monitoring and registering these types domains use our backorder services to try and acquire the name for them.

Domain Appraisal Services – Professional domain appraisals can only be trusted when they’re done by someone who has both experience in the domain industry, plus proper knowledge of current market trends and values. Our appraisal experts excel in both and always provide clients with accurate end user and reseller figures.

Domain Acquisition Services – Our domain acquisition services help clients secure domain names they want, but are currently owned by other parties. We combine proper negotiation techniques along with accurate market price offers to get clients their desired domain at fair costs, keeping both buyers and sellers happy in the end.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced when it comes to buying, selling, and appraising domain names. If you would like more information about any of the services listed above then contact us and we’ll get in touch to discuss further details.