Domain Software

Although AJM DOMAINS LLC might still be a fairly new company, but our domain tools are not. Program developer Andrew Wietlispach has spent the last several years coding multiple domain-related applications which investors, website developers, SEO experts, and other internet users take advantage of on a regular basis. Every application that we create utilizes a different protocol or interface to make the process of acquiring domain names fast and easy. Read more about each of our software brands below!

DesktopCatcher – Everyday thousands of domain names expire and become available for new registration. A small percentage of those domains will be sought after by a large pool of investors, businesses, and other individuals who wish to become the new owner of them. DesktopCatcher helps clients beat the competition when it comes to registering these domains because it automates the entire process for them. Users are able to search for domains that will be deleting in the upcoming days, plus monitor and try to automatically register them on the day in which they become available again.

AutoBackorder – While a majority of expired domains can be acquired using DesktopCatcher, most of the premium deleting domains need to be backordered. Backordering an expired domain is the process of submitting it into another company (usually a domain registrar) who will use their own in-house system to try and obtain the name for you without anything needing to be done on your side. AutoBackorder was created to save clients time by automatically submitting these domain backorder requests quickly and with ease. Users simply add the domains they want into AutoBackorder, and then watch it automatically submit their requests into multiple outlets who will compete with each other to try and acquire the domain(s) for our user.

eppSolutions – Clients wanting to acquire premium expired domains without the assistance of a backorder company can take full advantage of our different eppSolutions applications. These unique packages give small businesses and individuals the speeds they need in order to compete with backorder companies whom are also trying to compete for the same premium deleting domains. Unlike DesktopCatcher (but just like the registrars AutoBackorder submits into), eppSolutions utilizes the EPP protocol to establish a direct connection to the registry for the fastest possible speeds. Users just need to setup their own registrar through the appropriate domain registry. Then, simply run eppSolutions and register their desired expired domains automatically.

The brands that we’ve created help hundreds of clients obtain quality expired domains on a daily basis. If you monitor and purchase these types of domains yourself then we recommend purchasing one or more of these applications to save you extra time and money. Two of the most complimented features we include with every software package is free updates and top-notch technical support. Visit our brand websites which are hyperlinked above and contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns!