New and Future Software Updates

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with everyone. Some of the applications available in our newest project, eppSolutions are just about finished and ready for action! To go along with that, each of our DesktopCatcher users will be happy to read that a new release (v8.2) was also recently finished made available for updating as well. The month of March has been a busy one for the AJM Domains crew, so I’ll try to explain everything we’ve done (and have planned) in a little bit more detail below!

Our new updates pertain specifically with the DesktopCatcher application. On March 14th version 8.2 was released to the public and it includes a number of new tweaks and features which our clients are sure to enjoy! Some new extensions were made available in both the ResellerClub and NameBay APIs. Along with that, a few minor bugs were fixed and some small changes were also made to the domain availability tool. These new updates are just a small taste of what is planned for DesktopCatcher this year.

There are also quite a few exciting future updates which have now been finalized and are already making progress as well. First, we have immediate plans to complete and release a new AutoBackorder update that will include support to backorder expired domains through DropCatch. Also, we’re making some final tweaks to our custom EPP registry drop catching software which should also be available for a few selected domain extensions in the upcoming weeks. This new software will give registrars an easy way to drop catch deleting domains using their direct connection with the registries.

Be sure and check back at our blog often in order to stay updated with all of the different news and plans we have setup for throughout the year. We can’t wait to begin introducing some of the new tools we’ve been working hard on. These could have a huge impact all across the domain industry in 2016!

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