New Domain Names Added into Our Exclusive Portfolio

We’re starting off the new year with a bang by adding dozens of great new domains into our portfolio. With the recent pickup in Chinese activity across the markets our main focus has been on shorter domains. Look below to see a list of some of the new domains which are now available through AJM DOMAINS LLC! – A powerful media related domain that can be branded by any company using the acronym or letters ‘BB’ in their business name. With only 676 total two letter combinations possible, this domain also has great investment potential as there are only a limited number of possible combinations. There are even fewer which have the same two letters repeating themselves! – The demand for three letter .NET domains has been steadily increasing for a few years now. All possible three letter combinations have been bought out for over a decade so they’re extremely good to have as an investment. The liquidity behind three letter .NET domains is the main reason we decided to acquire it. – Similar to the .NET extension, all three letter .ORG domains have also been bought out for several years now. After all, there are only 17,576 total three letter combinations possible and tons of different companies can fit into the realm of three letter abbreviations. While ‘GBQ’ doesn’t contain all “premium” letters in the West, this domain does contains all premium letters according to the Chinese. It’s a great domain that could be suitable for a number of different China based organizations! – A quality short domain that contains all “premium” letters. GB is an acronym for “Great Britain” where there are dozens of companies which have the initials “MH” in them. This name was also purchased by us for investment purposes!

See a domain that you like and are interested in owning? Jump over to our domain portfolio page and follow the proper link to submit your offer instantly. We try and respond to all offers within 72hrs!

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